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Eldridge et al v AG BC et al [1997]

Case summary Eldridge concerns the issue of the availability of publicly funded sign language interpreters to deaf people in the course of receiving medical care. The plaintiffs in the case argued that the failure of BC’s medicare legislation to cover the costs of such interpretation amounts to discrimination. This argument had been unsuccessful so far … Read more Eldridge et al v AG BC et al [1997]

R v Lewis [1996]

Case summary The scope of the Coalition’s (including LEAF, the Elizabeth Bagshaw Society, Every Woman’s Health Centre Society (1988), the BC Women’s CARE Program, and the BC Coalition for Abortion Clinics) intervention was to make submissions under section 1 of the Charter as to why the Access to Abortion Services Act, which creates access zones around abortion clinics and the homes of abortion service … Read more R v Lewis [1996]

R v O’Connor [1995]

Case summary In 1991, Bishop O’Connor was charged with rape and indecent assault of four Indigenous women at a residential school in Williams Lake, BC. During the pre-trial process, the judge ordered the disclosure of all records of therapists, counselors, psychologists and psychiatrists who had treated the complainants in relation to sexual assault or sexual … Read more R v O’Connor [1995]

Norberg v Wynrib [1992]

Case summary Laura Norberg, of Williams Lake, had been unsuccessful at trial and on appeal in her bid for compensation against a doctor who, knowing she was dependent on prescription drugs, gave her prescriptions in exchange for sexual services.  She sued for damages for assault, breach of duty, and negligence. West Coast LEAF’s involvement LEAF … Read more Norberg v Wynrib [1992]

R v Sullivan [1991]

Case summary This case was about two midwives who were convicted of criminal negligence causing bodily harm to a birthing mother due to the death of the unborn child. The case raised the issue of the legal status of the fetus. West Coast LEAF’s involvement LEAF intervened at the Supreme Court of Canada with an argument … Read more R v Sullivan [1991]