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Together, we’re moving toward gender justice

West Coast LEAF works to deepen justice and substantive equality for women, people who experience gender discrimination, and Indigenous peoples and communities. Through our community-engaged legal practice, we collaborate with those most impacted and marginalized by systems of oppression, and stop at nothing less than transformative social change.

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Who we are

We’re a passionate group of equity advocates striving toward positive systemic change in BC (and beyond) through litigation, law reform, and public legal education designed to create a more equitable, accessible, and just system for all.

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Featured work

Short Films: Two-Spirit affirming care with the Urban Native Youth Association

Alongside the UNYA 2-spirit Collective, we’ve created a series of videos about what gender-affirming and culturally safe health care…

Two Indigenous youths have their backs to the camera and are looking at a red, white, black, and yellow medicine wheel on the wall with the words "Elder, Adult, Youth, and Child" written in it.

Family Well-Being Coalition

This project focused on building spaces for advocacy to improve outcomes for families engaged in the family policing system…

Documentary: Kids Are Only Kids Once

In an effort to shift culture, we created the short documentary Kids Are Only Kids Once in collaboration with parents with firsthand…

Single Mothers’ Alliance v BC: Taking the fight for family law legal aid to court [2017]

In BC, most applications for family law legal aid are denied outright or the legal support…

Take action for justice and equity!

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