In collaboration with community, we undertake in-depth research and writing on pressing issues affecting women and people experiencing gender-based marginalization. 

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Our publications and educational resources help build knowledge and understanding of laws, policies, and state actions through a critical social justice lens. In this section you will find research reports that dig deep into the issues affecting marginalized groups including our Gender Equality Report Card; resource guides and toolkits to better understand the systems and institutions we work within; equality impact statements that comment on important legislation; and the West Coast LEAF annual report.

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Gender Equality Report Card 2021/2022

The 2021/2022 Gender Equality Report Card assesses BC’s progress in advancing gender equality in economic security and access…

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Re-Envisioning Public Legal Education and Information (PLEI)

In 2020-2021, we undertook an in-depth analysis of public legal education and information, exploring how to facilitate learning about the law…

Pathways in a Forest: Indigenous guidance on prevention-based child welfare

The report highlights efforts by Indigenous families, communities, and Nations to revitalize…

Mind the Pay Gap: A Legislative Approach to Ending Pay Discrimination in BC

This report evaluates the legislative tools available to the province to address gender-based pay discrimination…

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