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Moore v Ministry of Education

Case summary Moore v Ministry of Education specifically concerns discrimination against severely learning-disabled (SLD) students, but the Supreme Court of Canada decision on the case will have important implications for many others experiencing discrimination. Jeffrey Moore, a student with severe dyslexia, required significant special education to meet his educational needs. When the school district cancelled its … Read more Moore v Ministry of Education

Polygamy Reference [2010]

Case summary This reference required the Court to determine whether s.293 of the Criminal Code (the “Polygamy Provision”) is constitutional, including whether the provision can be interpreted to ensure that it is constitutionally valid.  West Coast LEAF had a demonstrable historical and current interest in the practice of polygamy, in particular, in Bountiful, BC, and in the … Read more Polygamy Reference [2010]

Missing Women Commission of Inquiry [2010]

Case summary In November 2010, West Coast LEAF submitted its formal application to be a part of the Missing Women Commission of Inquiry, set up to investigate the disappearance and murder of dozens of women from Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside and along the Highway of Tears in Northern BC. West Coast LEAF committed to working in coalition with … Read more Missing Women Commission of Inquiry [2010]

Watson v R; Spratt v R [2008]

Case summary Watson and Spratt challenged the Access to Abortion Services Act, which creates a no-protest (“bubble”) zone around abortion clinics to allow women access to clinic services free of unwanted approaches by anti-abortion protesters. Watson and Spratt argued that the bubble zone law violated their Charter right to freedom of expression. Watson/Spratt is an extension of the Lewis and Demers cases. In R … Read more Watson v R; Spratt v R [2008]

Smith v Funk; Amos v Virk [2003]

Case summary ICBC represented the defendants (Funk and Virk) and were seeking direct production of the plaintiff’s records from a third party.  In Smith, ICBC wanted copies of all the records of Smith’s history of receiving financial assistance from the Ministry of Human Resources. In Amos, ICBC sought medical records from third parties. In both cases the … Read more Smith v Funk; Amos v Virk [2003]

R v Demers [2003]

Case summary This case was about whether freedom of expression should be contained in order to guarantee the right to unimpeded access to abortion services. West Coast LEAF’s involvement In 2003, West Coast LEAF intervened in this case, as a member of a coalition, and argued that freedom of expression should be contained in order … Read more R v Demers [2003]

Blencoe v Willis & the BCHRC et al [2001]

Case summary In this case, the Court ordered that the sexual harassment complaints against former BC Cabinet Minister Robin Blencoe must proceed. The British Columbia Court of Appeal previously stayed the complaints, agreeing that the Tribunal had lost jurisdiction to hear the complaints. West Coast LEAF’s involvement LEAF intervened in the case because of its importance … Read more Blencoe v Willis & the BCHRC et al [2001]