Submission to Status of Women Canada on the Federal Strategy on Gender-Based Violence

In September 2016, West Coast LEAF submitted a letter to Status of Women Canada in response to a call for feedback on the development of a federal strategy on gender-based violence. To respond to the alarming rate of serious violence against women in relationships, including violence leading to death (intimate partner homicide), West Coast LEAF urged the Canadian government to adopt measures including the following:

  • Reform the Divorce Act to address family violence and to recognize the many forms violence can take
  • Fund social supports for women fleeing abusive relationships
  • Fund family law legal aid in each province
  • Adopt a national poverty reduction plan and child care strategy to enhance women’s financial independence and ability to leave abusive relationships
  • Revise immigration law and policy to ensure that women concerned about the risk of losing their status in Canada are not forced into dependency on their spouses

Read our letter to Status of Women Canada. (PDF, 549 KB)


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