2013 Equality Breakfast FAQs


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: We’d like to book at table for members of our club. In the past, before the online booking, I collected the cheques and registration forms from the members and brought them into the office. Then they each received a tax receipt. But with the online booking, if they register as individuals, they won’t be able to sit together as a group. If we send a cheque from the club, the individuals won’t get tax receipts.

A: There are two options for you. The first is that the club (or one person) can buy a table online with a credit card, enter the tax receipt details for each person, and collect money from each person. The advantage here is that the person who bought the tickets online can go back at any time and update names and details. (See question “I don’t know who will be sitting at my table yet” below).

The second option is for one person to collect cheques and ticket order forms from members and bring them into the office in one batch. When we receive payment and attendee details for all the seats at your table, we can process the tickets. Everyone can still have the tickets e-mailed directly to them, sit at the same table, and receive their tax receipts in April. The disadvantage is that you cannot update details online.

Q: I don’t want to buy a ticket online. Can’t I purchase a ticket directly from the office?

A: Yes. You will need to download a ticket order form and return it to us. When we receive your ticket order form and payment, we can process the ticket(s). You will have your ticket(s) e-mailed directly to you.
If you are buying tickets on behalf of someone else, please be sure to include their name(s), address(es), and e-mail(s) so we can send them their tickets directly if desired. Also be sure to note any food or mobility issues or if a tax receipt is needed. If a tax receipt is needed for someone else, you must include their mailing address. You may need to include additional pages with your order form with this information.

Q: I don’t know who will be sitting at my table yet. Can I give you the list of names later?

A: Absolutely! You can make changes anytime if you log in with the e-mail (& any password that was set up) that was used to buy the table or half table. You can update names, addresses (which we need to generate tax receipts), dietary needs, and so forth.

Q: When will I receive my tax receipt?

A: Tax receipts will be mailed in April 2013. If you bought your ticket in December 2012 and need a receipt before April 2013, please contact Sharon Xia.

Q: I don’t understand your ticket processing fee structure.

A: Here’s how it works: each ticket has a 2% processing fee, plus $.99. This enables you to go back and change your ticket information at any time (such as the name of the ticket buyer, address for tax receipt, etc). So, an early bird ticket ($80) will have a $2.59 fee, and regular ticket ($90) will have a $2.79 fee, a half table (set of 5 tickets at $80 or $90) will have a total fee of $12.95 or $13.95, and a full table (set of 10 tickets at $800 or $900) will have a total fee of $25.90 or $27.90.

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